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Xero Projects App: An Intuitive Review


Xero is an accounting online software for small businesses. As an advisor I have access to a multiple of Xero services. One of them that I am most interested in is Xero projects functionality as it is the function that I am most likely to use as a consultancy firm. So I have seen the videos on how projects works and I wanted to try it for myself. Of course the pass reviews are likely to be a turn off but I wanted to see for myself how can this help me to keep time more efficiently. My first experience stems from downloading the app on my tablet. I was not able to login which made me ignored the app for a while. I needed to keep time for a particular project and decided to download the app onto my phone instead. On the phone it logged in quite easily and everything that I have setup from the desktop version was there. Including all my draft projects that I have not started as yet.

So what is good about the app? I like the fact that the default view was showing the projects in progress. There is a feature I liked very much and it is the location feature. You can select the location for a project, so that whenever you are present at that location the app will start to clock the time you are spending at that location. Of course, you need internet access for the app to work. I found this a very useful function in that often times we forget to clock our time when we are busy going about here and there. There is also a timer, in which you can put on pause whenever you want to take a break from the work you are doing. Here you can quickly put time unto your projects with ease. You can also read my blog on estimating time. The only downside I can see, is that, you will need to subscribe to acquire the Xero accounting software in order for this app to work. In other words there is no stand alone projects app for Xero. All in all I would give this app a rating of 4 out of 5 because I was not able to open it on my tablet, which I prefer.


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