The Cheapest Way to Building a Website Yourself

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Depending on the method used, the cost of building a website does not have to break the bank. Here, I would like to share with you my journey in building this website and to breakdown many of the terms used. I built this website using WordPress. WordPress is free open source publishing platform, but you will need to find a hosting provider to host it; this can also be free depending on the provider.

Just to clarify, one can also sign up for a WordPress website on, where there are many packages to select from free to premium subscriptions. However, did not turn out to be the most cost-effective method of building a website, in my view. So here below, I was able to build the website at an affordable cost.

Choosing your Domain Name

Domain name (annual):  US$15.00 is only what it costs for the domain name registration. You don’t need a domain name for building a website however, if you want to make it easier for your customers and followers to find your content online having a domain name is recommended. You will also need a domain name if you intend to build a brand image in the your chosen industry.

A domain name can be anything. The name can be the name of your business, organization or just a catchy phrase that relates to your business or organization. There are many options available for domain name registration. Some hosting companies offer free domain name registration with their hosting packages, and there are dedicated domain name providers like Namecheap or, to name a few.


Choosing a Web Host

Choosing a web host for your website can be a tedious exercise because there are so many hosting providers in the marketplace. I have seen many websites that are not hosted on a secured layer, which is, by the way, recommended for e-commerce websites.

If you are looking to build a brand in your chosen industry and on the web, it is recommended that you are able to display your own branded email address in your domain name. The package you choose should provide this service. You should also look for  a hosting service with reasonably good support and ensure that your site is backed up regularly. These are just the most basic features you should look for when choosing a web host.

Website Hosting (annual): US$ 36.00  Recommended Web Hosting

Recommended Hosting

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I would like to recommend ATSPACE. I have found this host to be responsive and you get a lot from hosting with them. They offer free hosting but for a professional website I recommend that you get the paid option that will guarantee you a very responsive support team. You will also get, along with unlimited bandwidth,  unlimited email address in your domain name,  free SSL certificate to host your e-commerce website and so much more. So check out ATSPACE now and get your website built.


Building a Website Yourself

Website Building (do it yourself):  US$ 0

Of course, if you do it yourself, it would take you some time, but you would learn so much. If you need someone to do it for you, the cost may vary, and it depends on your needs and the quality of work you are looking for.  Prices can be as low as US$100.00 per project. So shop around to get the best deal. You could try building the site by yourself and expand your learning ability and knowledge.

WordPress has a lot of free templates and free plugins that can do an immeasurable amount of things you want to do, from selling on the web to marketing your products and ideas. I would suggest you watch a few YouTube videos before you start your building project and make a plan. Know what you will want for the basic functionality of the website, then build from there.

The total cost for building this website will cost US$ 51 annually, which is equivalent to 189 AED annually. You have seen that building a website is not so scary after all. You will learn so much and maybe have some fun.


Let me know your comments of your own journey in building your website. Whether you build it yourself or outsourced it. Remember to reach out to me for expert advice and guidance on cost effective strategies to optimize your business.

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