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Chartered Accountant Services for Small Businesses



We understand the challenges for micro and small businesses in running a business in an ever more highly competitive environment. Every business thrives to achieve the highest amount of possible revenues while trying to manage costs to earn a decent profit. However, many small businesses are not aware whether or not their business is profitable. Faenewl Business Services recognizes, through experiences working with small business entrepreneurs, that part of the problem is the improper recording of information that is essential for providing insights needed so that managers can take on the spot decisions to ensure that their businesses remain relevant and hence profitable. The inability for small businesses to make consistent and relevant profits is one of the primary reasons for small business failure.

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Accounting Supervision for Entrepreneurs

We at Faenewl Business Services offers supervisory accounting services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to micro and small businesses that are managing the accounting and finance function of their organization in house (doing accounting books on their own). Our accounting service is offered normally virtual; however, hybrid services are possible in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Normally, for small businesses the amount of personnel engage in the accounting process can be a maximum of two staff employees. However, for micro businesses the accounting is generally done by the entrepreneur themselves. This can be challenging if both the entrepreneur and the personnel they employed are not trained in bookkeeping. Faenewl Business Services, through its chartered accountant service, is here to ensure that your business thrive and is profitable. We are here to ensure that you have the tools to make the right decision for your business to be successful. The supervisory accounting consultancy services are by engagement only, no monthly contract is needed. Only pay for what you need, when you need it. 

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Accounting Software Implementation

We provide accounting system implementation for micro and small businesses. We have partnered with Xero accounting software to bring you affordable software that was built for small business needs. The software allows businesses to issue electronic invoices, record bills and expenses, record receipts and payments and pay employees along with issuing a pay slip to each employee on a monthly basis. The software is easy for the entrepreneur to install. But if you have started your business before acquiring the services of the software, setup may become more technical, and you may need our help to ensure that the setup is correct.

We, at Faenewl Business Services would also customize the setup to align with your business activities and model. We want to enhance your business. We charge from only AED 1000 per engagement, which includes training and lifetime* support.  Book a free business review and we will customize our services to meet your business needs.

Other Premium Services

We also offer other financial services to our clients. There is a difference between accounting and financial services. Accounting deals with current and historical data. Accounting is about telling the business story as in a numerical way. It tells the story of the past and how it is currently going. However, financial pulls from the historical story and project how the next story will be, would be or could be. The financial story of the business will set your next endeavors.  Therefore, we are offering the following services:

Financial Controller Services – A goal oriented professional service that takes your business to the next level of financial management. What to know how big companies are able to achieve big profits and agility? Get the services of a financial controller. A financial controller is normally a Chartered Accountant with several years of post-qualification experience. Many small businesses cannot afford to employ a full-time controller; you can acquire this service on a part-time basis from Faenewl Business Services.

Cash and Credit Management – This service is offered with our chartered accountant services. We offer services that enhances working capital and cash flow. We evaluate and assist our clients and the best strategy in banking and payment processors as well as strategy to manage credit customers.

Debt Analysis and Management – This service is offered with our financial controller services. We will help you evaluate and manage appropriate debt for your business. This can be as a way of funding your business or just to improve cash flow positions.

Pricing Analysis – We will help you navigate through the wild world of pricing. In every situation having the right support will always make a significant difference to business success.

Financial Planning and Business Valuation – We are experienced in modeling your success in the future, clearing the way for your company to be appraised, whether for funding purposes or for sale of the business.


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